Why choose us?

Quality is what we have always been about.

Country Cleaners takes tremendous pride in being the premier Drycleaner of this area since 1975.   With over 35 years of experience, we understand the importance of taking care of all of your garments whether it's your day to day work clothes or that once in a lifetime special outfit.

We specialize in cleaning wedding gowns and other ornate and antique garments that most dry cleaners are just not qualified to handle.  In addition to this we can clean a wide variety of items from bedding to oriental rugs, fabric blinds, and drapes just to name a few.

We take pride in being a Professional Dry Cleaning establishment that provides it's customers with outstanding service and workmanship.

We do this by following this simple philosophy:

"Amateurs practice their skill until they get it right.

Professionals practice their skills. . .

until they can't get it wrong"

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